Funny GO Electronic Cigarette Lighter, Rechargeable Electric USB Cigar Lighter Watch, Novelty Gift for Men, Windproof and Flameless, Black

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Watch material: metal
Accessories: A USB charging cable
Ignition method: Push the dial, electric wire red hair
Charging instructions: USB interface plug the computer to charge
Charge – light on, after the charge – light does not shine.

▶Package Content:
1 X Watch with Cigarette Lighter
1 X USB charge cable

1. Do not put this product in water or other liquids, otherwise it will cause short circuit.
2. As you need to contact the heating wire when you light your cigarette, please do not force the heating wire with strong pressure, if tobacco and other debris accidentally fall into the heating wire, please clean up in time to prolong the life of this product.
3. When the battery is exhausted, the heating wire will be heated more slowly, please charge in time after use. The environmental electronic cigarette lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery. Batteries can be charged and discharged hundreds of times (before the battery is not fully discharged, the battery will be used to extend the battery life).
4. This product USB interface only used for charging. This product USB interface can be connected to the computer, mobile phone charger and any other output voltage is DC5V, the input current 3000mA charger.
5. For initial use or for an extended period of time, connect the charger first, and then disconnect and reconnect the charger for charging.
6. Disconnect the power supply immediately after fully charged, (usually fully charged for 1 hour) Do not charge the battery for a long time connected to the power supply, overcharge will shorten the battery life.

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